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Jordan Memory Tours was established in Petra - Jordan, to serve the international travel and tourism industry with a full range of professional services, following the new trends and expectations of global travel.

We are at Jordan Memory Tours proud of the amazing history and the world-class sites of Jordan, and even more so of the hospitable nature of our country and its people, with visitors treated to a genuine warmth and friendliness everywhere they go!

We are a full service destination management company, fully – bonded and insured, working with top tour operators, incentive travel companies and meeting planners from around the world. Our multi language team of experienced staff and managers is capable of answering to all your needs and expectations.



Petra:  The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra - the Red Rose City is in a category of its own and is today Jordan's stellar attraction. A 2000 year old city carved into rose-coloured stone and hidden from view by the mountains. Petra is entered through the siq - an immense crevice in the rock that winds for over a kilometre between overhanging cliffs and stuns visitors with its beauty and grandeur.

Wadi Rum's beauty can only be described as breathtaking. One of Jordan's main tourist attractions, the area is spotted with fascinating sandstone mountains decorated with an array of colours. The magnificent colours of the mountains spill into the sand dunes scattered all over the reserve.

Dead Sea: At 410 metres below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on earth and due to its extremely high concentration of mineral salts, it is unable to support any life in its waters. However, these natural elements reputedly give the waters healing powers and have attracted visitors since ancient times to float effortlessly in the soothing super-salty water under the Jordanian sun.


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